Since the business was founded more than 25 years ago we have helped clients deal with a range of problems from locating abducted children and missing persons to unravelling complex fraud and corruption cases. We also carry out litigation support enquiries and  conduct Due Diligence and fraud prevention and risk assessments for clients.

We provide  a reliable, professional service in the UK and overseas.  Our successful cases have included:

  • Enquiries in support of High Court proceedings to successfully  locate children abducted and brought into and taken out of the UK.
  • Investigations into multi-million pound frauds involving companies in the UK, Eastern Europe, USA and offshore financial centres.
  • Investigations into corruption and illegal payments which allowed clients to bring a successful multi-million dollar law suit.
  • Enquiries which exposed a major global product counterfeiting operation funded by organised crime and terrorist groups which resulted in criminal convictions and successful civil action in the UK, Italy, France, Spain, Mexico and the USA.